V/A – Resilience LP [OUT NOW]

May 21, 2024

A uniting of artists showing our continued support for friends in Ukraine as we watch the ongoing cruelty and attempt at complete destruction of free beliefs.

The Resilience LP holds a fusion of electronic styles sending its listeners on a voyage through time and space. This eclectic collection was not possible without all these talented, kind-hearted human beings 💜

Artist involved with this LP include (in tracklist order):
eFly – Lower Bridge – Deep Shoq – Rob Meyer – Freud – Grizzlydor – Dream Emulator – Awlnight – Gakusha – gu-100 – Zforms

Read → lofi-clouds.com/2024/05/21/various-artists-resilience-cloudslp006/

Listen → cygnusmusic.link/bwmmmmn