LFC x Muti

LFC & Muti collective are proud to announce their joint beatmaker series funded via Near. During this series of 3 competitions in total – running for ~6 weeks each, artists will be able to show off their skills using the samples provided by our mastering engineer Lohan LG aka Gakusha for the first round alongside the winners of the different rounds: KOHEI YOSHII & Bmyshadow.

At the end of each competition, the LFC team alongside our designer will vote on the submissions and make a shortlist based on rules mentioned below, originality and musicality.

Prizes for the winning beatmaker from each of the 3 competitions consist of an amount of his $NEAR + his/her track will be minted to an NFT with custom artwork by our designer (@drk.duke) and made available via mintbase.io – runner ups of each receive an amount of $Near and get the chance to speak with the LFC team about possible future collaborations/outings of their art.

Some basic rules about the competition which needs to be fulfilled before submitting any tracks.

  • Track must be at least 1min 30s in length
  • The sample(s) provided must be used (atleast 1 though keep in mind this is a beatmaker / sample flip competition so using more samples and thus being able to recognize the original samples are likely to be more appreciated).
  • Don’t be shy to get creative with the samples – chop them and give your personal twist.
  • You should have the usage rights over all the samples included in your entry. Why? We could potentially reach out to you after the competition not matter what place the track ended and discuss the potential of releasing it via LFC where this is a must.
  • LFC is a community mainly focused on lo-fi, downtempo, ambient music, Neojazz – we have a slight preference for this kind of music though do not hesitate to submit other!

All competitions:

#01 – Recordplayer edition
Sample Provider: Gakusha
Runner-ups: Rikanslept & HiVACHi
NFT: mintbase.io/lfc-x-muti-01

#02 – Mixer edition
Sample Provider: KOHEI YOSHII
Winner: Bmyshadow
Runner-ups: Psylone & Vuefloor
NFT: mintbase.io/lfc-x-muti-02

#03 – CDJ edition
Sample Provider: Bmyshadow
Winner: Alter
Runner-ups: Vuefloor & IWAI Noriko
NFT: mintbase.io/lfc-x-muti-03

Why Muti Collective?

Muti is a creative collective that organizes multi-disciplinary events, which combine various different art forms. We are a collective that wants to blend the digital with the physical in a positive way and incentivise a cultural movement.

Why $Near?

$Near is a scalable blockchain designed to enable musicians and artists to take control of their assets. On top of that, Near was also awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label in April 2021 and is one of the greenest blockchain solutions on the market.