Lo-fi Clouds (LFC) is a collaborative circle of creators and doers established in 2020 with a passion for music, design, events, sound systems. Focussed but not limited to sharing lofi hiphop (both chill and more upbeat/boompbap), downtempo, ambient, neo jazz tracks via releases (digital, tape & vinyl), CampusFM Toulouse monthly mixes, playlists, Clouds radio app, beatmaker competitions, grants. We support artists from a to z championing track feedback/composition, mixdown/mastering, release concepts, coverart, distribution (S/O Cygnus Music), promotion (playlists-radio-blogs-sync).

Artists featured on the imprint include (in alphabetical order):
AFTER THAT, Akinya, Beatsforbeaches, Blue Beaumont, Chaninja, Color Cabaal, Da Moustach, Deep Shoq, dream emulator, Easy Deviance, Edvin Ljungberg, Eniota, EuƎ, Freud, Ezzy, Frontez, Gakusha, Grizzlydor, Gros6, GWK, Haquin, Hell Yacht, HiVACHi, KOHEI YOSHII, Kumo, Lck, lone music, Love Jester, Lower Bridge, mellomoon, Naif, Naute, nowimalamp, Odzie, Orrishai, Oskar Hammarstr​ö​m, Oudjat, Padre Toxico, Philipp Murta, Polejam, Pouria Motabean, Psylone, Resoneight, Rikanslept, Sid3 Fx, Simon Drago, Surreal Tendencies, Taloha Beats, TAKESY, Temple, TonybtM, underdusk, Vaso Lipa, vuefloor, Wisbeat, Yaxx, YJKL, Yours Truly, Zeido, Zéphyr, .bumpo, !Noj, 17IAM.

Lo-Fi Clouds is part of EYESOME

We started this journey to help our collaborators, provide a network and an array of opportunites for them to fully flourish.

Matt D. & Lohan LG – FOUNDERS