A movement created by musicians for musicians chasing beyond the sounds of conventional lofi music by including ambient, hip hop, broken beats and bass music influences. Lo-Fi Clouds is spearheaded by a team of well-seasoned and enthusiastic beat makers, app developpers and industry connoisseurs from Bordeaux, Brussels, Porto and Vilnius. Music released through Lo-Fi Clouds is registered and distributed by Cygnus Music Ltd, one of the leading worldwide distributors to stores and streaming websites.

Artists featured on the imprint include (in alphabetical order):
Akinya, Beatsforbeaches, Color Cabaal, Da Moustach, Easy Deviance, EuƎ, Gakusha, Grizzlydor, GWK, Freud, Lck, Lower Bridge, Love Jester, Naute, Odzie, Oudjat, Philipp Murta, Polejam, Resoneight, Surreal Tendencies, TonybtM, Yaxx, Wisbeat, !Noj

Lo-Fi Clouds is part of EYESOME, an associate non-profit founded in 2015 & ever since focussed on helping artists reaching the next step in their carreers through production support, digital and physical releases, mixdown & mastering, licensing opportunities, sample packs, music apps, radio, playlist inclusions and many more.

The ultimate goal and main reason why I started this journey is to ensure that more artists are able to sustain themselves through their art without having to work unrelated sidejobs which distract them from their higher purpose as a musician.

Matt D. & Lohan LG – FOUNDERS