Deep Shoq – Voyage [CLOUDSLP004]

May 12, 2023

Introducing Deep Shoq’s new LP entitled “Voyage” which is out on Vinyl & Digital. An 8-tracker that takes us on a journey driven by nostalgic melodies drawn upon influences from 90s hiphop, funktronica and more modern lofi beats. ‘Voyage’ is a meditative trip down memory lane taking the listener back to the early days of the Lithuanian’s career filled with mostly sample-heavy, OG hiphop beats.

Both slow & fast-paced tracks have found their way on this record, mostly focused on creating dusty atmospheres by using self-recorded piano rhodes, various synths as well as Donatas’ own vocals – a creative process quite different compared to before.

Late night calm cruising ’round town by skate, bike or car were the inspiration for this album and are in general ideal ways for clearing one’s troubled mind before the sun rises again.

Listen / Download #CLOUDSLP004: