dream emulator – Orbit (CLOUDSLP002)

October 14, 2022

Work in progress since 2018 and finally seeing the day of light is the second LP released via our Clouds imprint by the multidisciplinary ‘dream emulator’ who comes around with crackly lofi hiphop in all it’s colours.

Limited 10″ transparent vinyl available via bandcamp

« The use of crackle and noise in lofi hip-hop is common. The thing that interested me was creating motion and detail in the noise. Working with slowed down field recordings and odd vinyl samples was a good way to create abstract textures. The idea is that the listener will hear fragments of sounds hidden in the noise and try to make sense of it. Kind of like seeing faces and shapes in the clouds »

Stream/download via spotify, apple music, deezer etc.
→ cygnusmusic.link/a1xlm8b

Written by Joel G., Oscar H. (Regn), Edvin L. (Birdsongs)

Mastered by Lohan LG

Cover design by Jonathan Nilsson

Animations by Erik Modin

Distributed by Cygnus Music

Vinyl cut by Dovilis Darkroom