Surreal Tendencies – Best Way (CLOUDS030)

May 26, 2022

Sometimes the best way to see a person is by not looking at them. That’s exactly the starting point of this track by Surreal Tendencies in order to see someone for who they truly are, we must allow them to present themselves as who they are and not observe only when they are aware of this fact for the risk they might be wearing a mask. ‘Best Way’ is about feeling someone for who they really are and about truth & trust. The good vibe and calm state of mind allow that and lets you trust the world with a new pair of eyes and admire the new colors 🌈 đŸ—» The track is part of Surreal Tendencies’ album Ode To Dust coming in July 2022.

Available now on all platforms accessible via this smartlink from our distributor including our own bandcamp page through which you can support independent musicians and labels directly.