Dream Emulator feat. Oskar Hammarström – Regn (CLOUDS029)

May 12, 2022

‘Regn’ is about recollecting past mistakes and the inability to affect the outcome of said mistakes. The track is filled with field recordings, live played Indian bansuri flute and introspective lyrics in Swedish. Dream Emulator is the solo project of ‘Joel G’. Music producer, audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist from northern Sweden. Working on various projects with music and sound design for film has been a key influence in his own music with a focus on ambience and texture.
He also has a background playing live music in bands and is currently playing bass in and producing for the psychedelic rock band Från Mars.
The first single ‘Regn’ from his upcoming album ‘Orbit’ is a collaboration with Swedish rapper and spoken word poet Oskar Hammarström. Oskar has since his early teens expressed his experiences and emotions in music and text, performing live and on local radio. Available now on all platforms accessible via this smartlink from our distributor including our own bandcamp page through which you can support independent musicians and labels directly.