Lo-fi Clouds on CampusFM #001

November 14, 2020

Our goal has always been to spread lofi music as far and wide as possible. One of the ways we decided to do so is through the collaboration with Toulouse based radio station CampusFM. A well recognized station founded in 1982 with a large range of different programs and music.

Every month we prepare a mix for them filled with the best new & old lofi hip-hop beats. Our studiomix will be aired every first Tuesday of the month at 11pm CET time (French time) and will see 1 replay randomly throughout that same month.

The November mix features lofi-ish beats from around the world carefully selected by our curators. It includes tunes from the likes of Rude, Lakey Inspired, Aekasora, Idealism, Driver, Sleepdealer, Harris Cole, Peatu, Joey Pecoraro and many others.

Replay + full tracklist available below!