Eniota – Those Days (CLOUDS033)

August 19, 2022
Eniota - Those Days - CLOUDS033

The double single ‘Those Days’ by new signee ‘Eniota’ sits somewhere between folk, soul and trap giving the listener an introspective blend of melancholic guitar riffs, soothing drums & lyrics written during Eniota’s time in London. Eniota is a bedroom producer born and raised in Rennes – now living in Paris, France. His passion for […]

Lo-fi Clouds on CampusFM #019

June 20, 2022
LFC on campusFM _ june 2022 show

Packed July 2022 mix for CampusFM Toulouse with jazzy feelgood vibes, rap and chillhop from the likes of Naute, Dream Emulator, Surreal Tendencies, Kazam, EisZ, Fud Leclerc, Slamino & many more. ☁️Every first Tuesday of the monthThe finest lofi music and beyond8 – 9 pm CET time94 FM (Toulouse, FR area)www.campusfm.net Lo-fi Clouds · LFC […]

Naute – Galactic Diner (CLOUDS031)

June 10, 2022
Naute - Galactic Diner - CLOUDS031

Travelling at vast & spacey altitudes with this brand new beat by French beatmaker Naute. He takes us on a trip through his galaxy of smooth vibes, tight drums and cozy basslines 🚀 Artwork handdrawn and coloured by the Lille-based producer, mastered by our in-house engineer Lohan LG. Available now on all platforms accessible via […]

Lo-fi Clouds on CampusFM ft. Oahki Records #018

May 20, 2022
LFC on CampusFM Toulouse featuring Oakhi Records - show 18

Show #18 on CampusFM Toulouse features a label showcase by the Helsinki-based Oakhi Records who brings an eclectic selection to the table. The mix starts with more OG jazzy, boombap lofi hiphop beats and in the second part makes room for more ambient, downtempo and house flavors.☁️Every first Tuesday of the monthThe finest lofi music and beyond8 – […]

Dream Emulator feat. Oskar Hammarström – Regn (CLOUDS029)

May 12, 2022
CLOUDS029 - dream emulator - regn

‘Regn’ is about recollecting past mistakes and the inability to affect the outcome of said mistakes. The track is filled with field recordings, live played Indian bansuri flute and introspective lyrics in Swedish. Dream Emulator is the solo project of ‘Joel G’. Music producer, audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist from northern Sweden. Working on various projects […]

Lo-fi Clouds on CampusFM #017

April 30, 2022
Lofi Clouds on CampusFM - April 2022

Our 17th show on @campusfmtoulouse features brand new music from the likes of Digimazz, Ezzy, Caroline, Easy Deviance, Flora Fona, Kohei Yoshii, Stephane Kirat, Jah Born, EisZ, Gakusha, Jasmine Thakral, Sxul, Diofel, The Fox, Reasonforworry +++ An even wider selection of styles gently expanding the boundaries with touches of true hiphop, pop, funk and even […]

Gakusha – Cliff’s Verge (CLOUDS028)

April 22, 2022
Gakusha - Cliffs Verge - CLOUDS028

New single by our mastering engineer Lohan LG aka Gakusha. “Cliff’s Verge” is about feeling emotionally cornered. The mood is rather sad, with a second part that brings this feeling to a climax. Cliff's Verge by Gakusha

Mirai No Hagaki – Kitte Bitsu 2 (CLOUDS027)

April 8, 2022
Mirai No Hagaki_Kitte Bitsu 2 _ CLOUDS027

Mirai No Hagaki (‘Postcard from the future’) is the new lo-fi prject by the Italian film and game composer & beatmaker Davide Perico whose eclectic musical taste ranges from classical music to rock and electronic. This new project is even more chill and smooth with a strong link to Japanese culture and his Kitte Bitsu […]

Lo-fi Clouds on CampusFM #016 ft. Easy Deviance

March 29, 2022
Lofi Clouds on CampusFM Toulouse - February 2022 ft. Easy Deviance guestmix

Longtime label homie Easy Deviance with his first mix for our monthly installment on CampusFM Toulouse – a unique selection of jazzy Japanese music from the likes of Hiroshi Suzuki, Takuya Kuroda, 梶原順 to name some accompanied by his own productions including ‘Serendipity’ ft. Gerwin, Frosty Morning (#CLOUDS025) and The Nest + music from Taloha Beats, Paradox, […]