Rikanslept – Sarayashiki [CLOUDS040]

January 5, 2023
CLOUDS040_Rikanslept - Sarayashiki _ Lo-fi Clouds

LFC’S 40th single release is written by Japanese beatmaker Rikanslept, whose Sarayashiki is feelgood lofi beat with a spooky, minimalistic riff which came about by accident from processing and resampling. The thought of friendly ghosts became the inspiration to build the rest. Stream/download #CLOUDS039 via spotify, apple music, deezer etc.→ https://cygnusmusic.link/rrxxj33 Sarayashiki by Rikanslept

Takesy – Pop Swmmn [CLOUDS039]

December 16, 2022
Takesy - Pop Swmmn - CLOUDS039

‘Pop Swmmn’ by new signee Takesy, is a jazzy boombap beat with bright and positive accents. Catchy, heartfelt piano riffs & guitar chords headline this exploration in the world of pop & lofi. Takesy is a multidisciplinary artist based in Japan and our latest signee. Besides curator and webdesigner for the recently established Japanolofi records, […]

Gakusha & Vaso Lipa – Flâneur [CLOUDS038]

December 2, 2022

First collaborative track between Gakusha & Vaso Lipa is on a garage tip. Flâneur contains a calm and meditative energy supported by airy vocals and that typical UKG groove. Artwork by fellow Lo-fi Clouds artist and designer ‘Naute’. Stream/download via spotify, apple music, deezer etc.→ https://cygnusmusic.link/do4z323 Flâneur by Gakusha, Vaso Lipa

Grizzlydor – Moonshine (CLOUDS037)

November 17, 2022
Grizzlydor - Moonshine - CLOUDS037 - Coverart

Latvia’s very own ‘Grizzlydor’ returns to the label & pushes into another subgenre of Lo-Fi hip-hop bringing in various nature sounds to create the most relaxing atmospheres. Moonshine is a light-listening song that captures simple melodic progressions and a natural ambiance. Stream/download via spotify, apple music, deezer etc.→ https://cygnusmusic.link/dnqyrye Moonshine by Grizzlydor

Frontez – Sunshine After Storm (CLOUDS036)

November 3, 2022
Frontez - Sunshine after storm - CLOUDS036

The foundations of ‘Sunshine after Storm’ were created before the war in Alex’ homecountry and was finished a few months after it all started. The inspiration of the track comes from the fact that after bad times, there are always prosperous ones ahead. Picture used for the coverart was taken during Alex’ last family trip […]

dream emulator – Orbit (CLOUDSLP002)

October 14, 2022
dream emulator - orbit - cloudslp002

Work in progress since 2018 and finally seeing the day of light is the second LP released via our Clouds imprint by the multidisciplinary ‘dream emulator’ who comes around with crackly lofi hiphop in all it’s colours. Limited 10″ transparent vinyl available via bandcamp « The use of crackle and noise in lofi hip-hop is […]

Gakusha x !Noj – Heart of Ice (CLOUDS035)

September 24, 2022
Gakusha x !Noj - Heart of Ice (CLOUDS035)

Collaborative double single between Gakusha and !Noj – slow and smooth fall music to ease the mind.Gakusha is the brainchild of Lohan LG collaborating regularly with EuE, Hakun to name some.!Noj has previously released ‘Luko’ (CLOUDS007) with LFC and now makes his return.Hypnotizing piano rolls progressing flawlessly and tight drums play the main role in […]

dream emulator – Birdsongs (ft. Edvin Ljungberg) (CLOUDS034)

September 9, 2022
dream emulator - birdsongs featuring Edvin Ljungberg - CLOUDS034

‘Birdsongs’ is yet another track part of dream emulator’s forthcoming ‘Orbit’ LP coming mid-october. It’s an introspective lofi hip-hop track made with vinyl sampling, analogue synthesizers and saxophone inspired by a Swedish guided meditation record from the 70’s. ‘de’ is Joel Gerhardsson’s solo project, music producer and bass player in the rock band “Från Mars” […]

Eniota – Those Days (CLOUDS033)

August 19, 2022
Eniota - Those Days - CLOUDS033

The double single ‘Those Days’ by new signee ‘Eniota’ sits somewhere between folk, soul and trap giving the listener an introspective blend of melancholic guitar riffs, soothing drums & lyrics written during Eniota’s time in London. Eniota is a bedroom producer born and raised in Rennes – now living in Paris, France. His passion for […]