KOHEI YOSHII – Stormy Clouds [CLOUDS060]

June 1, 2024
KOHEI YOSHII - Stormy Clouds - CLOUDS060 coverart

“Stormy Clouds” is an extract from a sample-flip competition we’ve done in the past and honestly couldn’t be more pleased with the endresult: Intimite, uplifting melodies backed by some lush drums.

Zéphyr – Something About You [CLOUDS058]

January 18, 2024
Zephyr - Something About You [CLOUDS058]

Welcoming back the French/Swiss/Algerian producer Zéphyr for his second release with us. At the crossroads between jazz and hip-hop, “Something About You” is inspired by the beauty of love, the thrill of meeting someone and falling in love. It is filled with groovy basslines, lush melodies on the synth + piano, magnificent saxophone and punchy […]

IWAI Noriko – Night Air [CLOUDS057]

January 5, 2024
Iwai Noriko - Night Air - CLOUDS057 - Coverart

“Night Air” is a track written by IWAI Noriko & inspired by cars driving on the streets at night consisting of a sweet saxophone sound and piano groove.

Kumo – 7AM [CLOUDS056]

November 8, 2023
Kumo - 7am - single cover

“7AM” evokes the start of the day with sweet feelings like the smell of coffee and the warmth of the first rays of sun. The guitar and drum sounds used put the listener in a warm atmosphere.

dream emulator – Soul Searching [CLOUDSEP001]

October 20, 2023
CLOUDSEP001 - dream emulator - soul searching EP

Joel Gerhardsson aka dream emulator is back with a bang! His new EP entitled ´Soul Searching´ best describes the current path he is on – expanding horizons, trying new creative flows and exploring new genres.

Pouria Motabean – I need you [CLOUDS055]

October 14, 2023
CLOUDS055 - Pouria Motabean - I Need You - covertart

The Iranian sing & song writer Pouria Motabean joins the LFC roster with this calming piece entitled “I need you” – a story about a young couple hopelessly in love.

dream emulator – Thought Loops [CLOUDS054]

October 7, 2023
054 - dream emulator - thought loops

This loungey, 4×4 lofi house track has been built around the acid bass sound which is inspired by the bassline from Chameleon by Herbie Hancock. Later other elements and variations were added with Joel reveiling it’s his favorite way of creating a track which probably has to do with his background as a bassplayer.